Travel Safe

The planet is and continuously have pockets of “unsafe” places. Helpful advice indicates that vacationers should seek advice from their government websites concerning the situation in foreign nations. When you are traveling to a bad risk country or place, discover the danger mitigating options you have available.

Listed here are a couple of ideas to mitigate the potential risks:

Inform the appropriate people of the intentions.

Provide your detailed itinerary for your family and buddies. Inform them the conditions and your work. Consult with them how you’d like them to respond to an urgent situation.

Make copies of your travel documents. Store a duplicate inside a rut inside your suitcase. Being an added precaution get them all scanned and save them on the personal cloud or any other safe server.

Register your departure date using the proper government department.

On the street

Don’t discuss personal particulars or departure date with other people.

Choose taxis randomly. Make sure that the driver’s registration or licence photo matches the motive force (when they display the registration). Also, check they have a meter or negotiate a cost for that journey. Prior to getting in to the vehicle request concerning the condition from the seatbelts, specifically if you plan to travel on harmful streets. Keep the home windows up to ensure that there is nothing tossed in to the vehicle.

While you travel, consider embassies, police stations, hospitals, global hotels and then any place that may be a safe place. Report any suspicious activity to police but ensure that you are interacting having a “real policeman” in order to your embassy.

Travel inside a group when you are able. Traveling on your own adds many challenges in high-risk places.

At the hotel

Be respectful towards the staff at the hotel and try to have a hotel card along with you that will help you return for those who have communication problems with motorists.

Don’t leave any private information laying around, particularly in your accommodation

Check anybody (who’re they?) who seeks use of your living space before opening the doorway. Meet other people in the hotel lobby or bar.

Don’t accept unrequested gifts from other people.


If you’re suddenly caught within an incident, search for a method to move ahead without drawing focus on you. Mind for any safe place and wait. If unsafe to maneuver, go to ground and wait it!