Top Reasons You Need to Visit Asia on Holiday

Whether this is your first holiday in Asia or not, there are more than a few reasons you need to visit this beautiful continent. Asia is a continent with some of the oldest and most diverse cultures in the world, and there is no limit to the amazing sights and experiences to explore. Other destinations, such as the Caribbean or Europe, are costly and difficult for families to afford on a limited budget. For a fraction of the price, you could tour through any one of the countries in Asia and experience more luxury and fun than ever.

Adventure Everywhere

No matter where you choose to tour in Asia, you will never run out of opportunities to find adventure and excitement. Simply leaving your luxury resort and stepping out into the street is enough to begin something intriguing and fun on most days. With such a wide difference between culture, language, customs, and religion, you will never have to look far to find something interesting with which to interact or explore. Once you arrive, take a walk in any direction and count how many minutes go by before you experience something new and unique.

Extremely Cost-Effective

Unlike other continents, Asia is home to many countries that are exceptionally affordable to visit and tour. Tour companies, such as EXO Travel, allow you to tour the Asian country of your choice for an affordable rate that even smaller budgets can handle. Whether you travel alone or with others, your trip to Asia will afford you luxuries that you rarely get to enjoy at home. With a greater opportunity to stretch your money, you can book a tour that you may otherwise have been forced to skip.

Safe for Foreigners

According to recent studies, violent crime is far lower in Bangkok, for example, than in cities with smaller populations in Western countries. Simply put, you are statistically more likely to meet a thief in Paris than in many Asian countries. Political unrest and disputes rarely target tourists, and though there are unpleasant people wherever you go, you are statistically safer in Asia than at home.



Asia is a continent more diverse than any other, meaning that you have interesting and exciting options. Although trying to see too much in one trip can be stressful, you have a higher chance of enjoying your holiday if you have more options from which to choose. In Asia, you have unlimited opportunities to customize the trip of your dreams.

Remember that reputable tour companies are a great option for first-time travellers, as they provide access to the best activities and attractions for an affordable price. Once you visit one of Asia’s many countries, you may spend the next two or three holidays visiting others. The diverse cultures and history means that each holiday will feel as if you stepped into an entirely different world.

You Deserve It

Holidays are costly, and many families choose not to have them more often than they should. You and your family deserve the chance to have fun without breaking or stretching the budget too far. Asia is your opportunity to do this and have the holiday of a lifetime.