Three Must-See Places In Portugal For Every Traveler

If you are looking for an amazing vacation in Western Europe, Portugal is the place to be. Besides the amazing weather and great locales, this is a country that’s high on history, culture and contemporary living. Of course, just like any other vacation, you will have to plan a few things before you come here, and it is a great idea to know the best places of interest. In this post, we will talk of the best places to see in Portugal without stretching the budget to the maximum, along with a few tips here and there.


You cannot have enough of a country, unless you have seen the capital. Lisbon is known for its white limestone buildings, contemporary culture and great locales and views. You need to make time for the downtown area known as Baixa, where you can find those amazing traditional shops. Lisbon is also great on food, and you will find many small restaurants all through the city, mostly on the cheaper side. Metro and buses are best ways to travel, unless you can bear the traffic jams. Don’t miss taking a ride of Tram 28.



There is nothing like Algarve in the entire Portugal. Amazing for those who love the sun, sand and beaches, this is a place with over 100 beaches. It is also known to the world for its golf courses, and its capital Faro has a charm of its own. Traveling around is easier than ever with trains and cars that are available in plenty. If you are here, don’t miss on staying at a good resort, which can be booked for a better price with known services like Lagos and Sagres on the east are great on views, and if you like biking and jeep safaris, there are quite a few options for that, as well. Hiking trails are also pretty common and offer a great range of choices for new and experienced hikers.


Madeira is a mix of four Portuguese islands, with Funchal as its capital. Funchal itself is a great place to be, and there is a cathedral in the city that is over 500 years old. Madeira is always sunny and great for those who want to enjoy a different kind of nightlife. Despite the vibe that’s common to a tropical island, there are good number of casinos, restaurants and clubs for visitors. The good thing is Funchal is easily coverable on foot, so there isn’t anything that you would miss even on a lazy vacation.


Among the other places of interest, you have Porto, Sintra and Evora. It is best to make the bookings in advance, especially if you have a thing for varied kinds of resorts. Also, some tour operators can help you in customizing the trip, so that you can cover most of the places in a single vacation. Booking ahead of traveling just offers better rooms at resorts and cheaper flight tickets, more so for those who are traveling in groups!