Five Tips for Choosing a Walking Holiday

If you’re considering a walking holiday, then you will have several decisions to make. First, you will need to decide what country to go to, which area to visit, and which walking tour company to select. These tips can help you pick the best route once you’ve made these decisions.

City or Country

Once you’ve decided on where you’d like to visit, you will need to decide whether to take a city tour or a hike in the country. Most tour companies offer a variety of tours in well-known capital cities and along mountainous routes where you can visit vineyards, castles, and small villages that most tourists do not know about. For instance, if you decide to visit Spain, you can book Spanish walking holidays in Barcelona, take the St. James pilgrimage, or hike along the Catalan coast.

Check Options Online

Before choosing a tour, go online to check your options. Most companies that offer walking tours will describe where their tours go, how many days you will be on them, what amenities they offer, and each tour’s level of difficulty. Once you’ve decided on a tour company, check the dates when the tours are offered so you can plan your holiday and book a tour.

Consider Difficulty

Each walking tour will have a level of difficulty assigned to it so consider your physical abilities when deciding on a tour to book. Most companies offer tours for people with little hiking experience and they may also offer tours for people who can easily climb steep grades in the mountains. Don’t book a tour that is too difficult because you will not enjoy your holiday if your muscles are constantly sore and you’re physically struggling every day.

Pack Lightly for Route

Many tours include each night’s lodging and transportation for luggage to the next night’s stop. Since you won’t need to worry about carrying the clothes that you’ve packed for your holiday on the trail, select a sturdy day pack to carry and pack it lightly. Just take the necessities that you might need, a rain jacket, water, and snacks to help keep your energy up. Before leaving for your holiday, check the anticipated weather and pack accordingly.

Wear Comfortable Shoes or Boots

You will want to wear the appropriate footwear, including socks, on your walking holiday. If you’re going to be in a city, then a comfortable pair of walking shoes should be sufficient; however, if trail walking is on the agenda, you should wear a sturdy pair of hiking boots. The boots will help support your feet and ankles on all types of terrain to prevent injuries.

These tips will help you choose the walking holiday that is best for you and your companions.