Find a Quality Camper Van: Outstanding Customer Service – No Charge

Getting a camper van for your holiday has never been more convenient. Now that the leaders in the industry maintain both a wide range of vehicles for you to inspect in person and an excellent website you can browse through, it’s much easier to find the right van for your next trip. You will see some of the well-appointed vehicles they offer on their site and while you’re there you can learn about the many specials available.

However, the benefits don’t stop with the quality camper vans on display. Because you will be working with local knowledgeable people who focus on customer service above all else, you can learn about the do’s and don’ts of where to camp along your route. For example, camping on the roadside near towns and cities is generally prohibited by council laws, but you can often find suitable places to stop for the night when you’re in a more rural area.


Of course, when you go to one of the industry leaders for camper van hire, you know you will be driving a clean reliable vehicle. It will have the amenities you expect and will give you the worry-free service essential to a family holiday. But you can also ask about RV parks along the way and whether you should look for national parks that offer outstanding scenery along with camping facilities. Be sure to ask about the discount at some of the leading tourist parks when you hire from this company.

You can visit a hiring location, see a number of vehicles you have to choose from, and talk to a representative about what to expect. He or she will be able to make suggestions based on your planned route and may have an idea or two that will make your travels just a bit more relaxing.

He or she may inform you about toll roads you may encounter on the way to your destination such as those in metropolitan areas of Queensland, New South Wales, or Victoria. This valuable bit of information will help you prepare to pay your tolls. You can find out more about this by looking at the Driving in Australia page on the website.

Staying Connected

Travelers often want to remain connected to others for personal or business reasons so the top camper van providers sometimes make routers available with rental. This will give you mobile Internet access in most locations throughout the country. When you visit a rental location or browse a website, be sure to talk with someone about pre-booking Wi-Fi devices. They may be available and should save you money when compared to roaming charges.

Of course, the vehicle you hire will depend on your needs and the size of the group that will be traveling with you. For couples (to give one example), you might select the HiTop Camper with kitchenette, dining, and sitting areas. This vehicle provides a large double bed as well as a 240V source for appliances. It is the perfect size if you want something easy to drive and economical.