Exploring Japan: Natural Tourist Attractions

Japan is known for several different structures such as the Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, and Meiji Shrine. However, the country is also rich in natural landscapes and mountains. If you are a nature lover or you want to appreciate the beauty nature has blessed the earth, here are some places you could visit in Japan.

  1. Fuji

Of course, Japan’s icon, Mt. Fuji, is definitely a beauty that should be visited and admired. With its almost perfect cone-like shape with a dusting of snow at its stop, it is definitely a picturesque mountain – whether you are looking at it from near or far. There are different places in Japan where you could view Mt. Fuji – even possible when riding a train. One of the best viewpoints of Mt. Fuji is the Fuji Five Lakes. These lakes are at the base of Mt. Fuji, and one of them, Lake Kawaguchiko, is definitely easier to access compared to other lakes. If you happen to be in the area during spring, there is also a Shibazakura (Pink Moss) Festival happening in Lake Kawaguchiko.

  1. Onsen

Japan is abundant in onsen, or natural hot springs. You could find them in any part of the country as the locals have been making the onsen a part of their lifestyle. These natural hot springs are usually used for the people to rest and relax, and sometimes for their healing properties. Some onsens are indoors while some are outdoors, but all come from a natural spring source. Other than rest and relaxation, outdoor onsens – rotenburo – are also particularly beautiful during winter.

  1. Waterfalls

Another body of water that is abundant in Japan is the waterfalls. Japan has a number of waterfalls located over the country, and some are considered unique and breathtakingly beautiful. One of those waterfalls is the Nachi Waterfall in the Kumano region. The Nachi Waterfall was also consider Another waterfall considered one of the most beautiful in Japan is the Shiraito Waterfalls, located near Mt. Fuji.

  1. Naruto Whirlpools

The Naruto Whirlpools is in the Naruto Strait in Shikoku coast. The whirlpools, which usually appear every six hours, are formed due to the large volume of water moving between sea and ocean. Of course, as it is a natural phenomenon, there are days where you could rarely see these whirlpools and there are also days when the whirlpools would be at its biggest – which is during spring.

There are several ways to see the whirlpools – one is through a walkway under a bridge that overlooks the whirlpools. However, it is said that the best view is from boats – the boats that offer a sightseeing cruise could get up close to these whirlpools. Another option would be in the Naruto Park which does not only give you a view of the whirlpool but also of the bridge. Other options would be the Sensojiki Observatory and Eska Hill.